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Organic Ingredients

Aloe Juice, Organic

INCI: Aloe barbadensis

Brand: Lily of the Desert

Certified Organic.

The aloe plant has been used in the fields of medicine and cosmetics for centuries. Ancient records show that the medicinal properties and healing benefits of the aloe vera plant have been known for over 5000 years. 

Aloe juice has a slight colour, no odor and can replace water in creams or lotions as well as soap.

Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis (99%), citric acid (1%). 

Price: 9.49$

Apple Spice, Organic Aromatic Essence

Price: 6.89$

Quality: 100% natural

INCI: Organic vegetable oil & organic fragrances

Origin: Botanical

Extraction: organic alcohol distillation

Usage: 2-5%

Solubility: oil

Flash point: 287ºC

Shelf-Life: 1 year from purchase date

Certified organic by Ecocert Canada.

Keep tightly sealed in a dry, cool place

Argan oil, Organic

Price: 17.69$

INCI: Argania spinosa

Origin: Morocco

Part(s): nut

Extraction: Cold pressed

SAP (NaOH): 0.136

SAP (KOH): 0.192

Our argan oil is produced by women’s cooperatives in Morocco. These cooperatives aim to improve the working conditions of woman in rural areas, generate economic activity and new revenue sources, promote sustainable land and resource management, and protect a thousand-year-old tradition: the hand pressing of argan oil.

Avocado Oil, Organic

Price: 9.89$

INCI: Persea gratissima

Origin: New Zealand

Part(s): Fruits

Extraction: Centrifuge

SAP (NaOH): 0.133

SAP (KOH): 0.178

Certified organic by Ecocert Canada

Keep tightly sealed in a cold dark place