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Weigh 'n Pay

Here at Coop Coco, we’re committed to helping you achieve your zero-waste goals! That’s why we offer a large range of products designed to produce the least amount of waste possible. All of our products (vegetable oils, essential oils, dry ingredients…) are packaged in recyclable containers that are also reusable for personal use. Feel free to dream up ways to give them a second life! You can chose from a large number of containers to beautifully package your recipes and cosmetics. Washable and reusable, these containers can be repurposed endlessly… or almost! We strive to reduce our waste a little more each day and are glad to help you do the same!

With this in mind, we offer bulk products in our store in Montreal. By bringing your own containers to refill, you’ll reduce waste. We also sell containers on site.

Note that this page is indicative, it does not ensure the availability of the product you are looking for. You can always call us to check before coming to the store.

Warning: these products are sold on the basis of 'Serve yourself' so they are not sold online. You must come to the store to get them.

How does it work?

  1. Recycle a container (yay)
  2. Get your container weighed in the store
  3. Fill it up!
  4. Weigh and pay

Household products
Ideal to reduce wayste!


Bathroom cleaner  5,99$/kg


Black liquid soap


Citrus degreaser

Dishwashing liquid

Fabric Softner


Laundry detergent

Multi-purpose cleaner      5,89$/kg

White vinegar (concentrate 3x)

Body products
Ideal to reduce waste!

Baby Cleansing gel Organic

Baby shampoo  Organic  33,90$/kg



Shower gel

3 in 1 Soap




Raw Materials
Ideal to get small quantities.

Beeswax unrefined Organic,
Also sold portioned

Beeswax yellow Organic

Also sold portioned

Beeswax white Organic

Also sold portioned

Candelilla Wax


Also sold portioned

Carnauba Wax Organic
Also sold portioned

Cetyl alcohol

Also sold portioned

Ghassoul clay

Also sold portioned

Glyceril Stearate SE
Also sold portioned

Gomme arabique/gomme d'acacia

Green clay

Also sold portioned

Gum Arabic / Acacia Gum, Organic
Also sold portioned

Guar gum 


Also sold portioned



Also sold portioned

Pink clay

Also sold portioned

Pumice stone powder
Also sold portioned

Red clay

Also sold portioned


Also sold portioned

Stearic acid

Also sold portioned


White Clay

Also sold portioned

Yellow clay

Also sold portioned

Xanthan gum

Also sold portioned