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St. John's Wort Maceration, Organic


INCI: Olea europaea & Hypericum perforatum

Part(s): flowering tops

SAP (NaOH): 0.134

SAP (KOH): 0.188

Certified organic by Pro-Cert

Keep tightly sealed in a cold dark place


***Quantities are limited to 4 per format. For more quantity, please choose a larger format.



Could you let me know when you restock in st johns wort oil please?

it should be back in stock after the 22nd of January 2018.

What type of oil do use for your macerations?

HI there, if you closely look at our descriptions of products you can often see the INCI names and those can inform you on the nature of the product.

In this case INCI: Olea europaea & Hypericum perforatum. Olea europaea is olive oil.

have a good day

Is your st.johns wort oil made from fresh or dried herb?

Hello Sarah,
All of our macerations are made with dried herbs.

Have a good day.