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Cinnamon Leaf Organic Essential Oil, Bulk size


Quality: High

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Origin: Sri Lanka

Part(s): leaves

Extraction: Distillation

Chemotypes: eugenol

Perfume: Top note

Note(s): spiced and woody

Precaution: Dermo-caustic

Candles: candle safe

Keep tightly sealed in a dry, cool place




Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil has a number of wide-ranging applications and uses, including aromatherapy and scenting candles. Its spicy aroma makes it an excellent natural fragrance to add to soaps, natural perfumes, as well as homemade cleaning products. Be aware that this essential oil is dermocaustic, even when used in small quantities. We suggest a maximum usage rate of 1%.

Coop Coco is a Canadian retail and wholesale supplier of Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil, a high quality essential oil that is steam distilled from the leaves of the Cinnamon tree. Our bulk Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil is sourced from Sri Lanka, and has a warm, woody, sweet aroma. Soap makers should note that it will greatly accelerate trace.

Cinnamon Leaf essential oil has been known to cause skin irritation in sensitive individuals. All essential oils should be used only after being diluted in a carrier oil. Do not take internally unless under the direct supervision of a qualified practitioner. Always perform a small patch test (with the diluted essential oil) before using on skin, to check for compatibility. We strongly advise caution when using essential oils around children and pregnant women.