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Benzoin (80%), Bulk size


Quality: High

Botanical Name: Styrax benzoin

Origin: Indonesia

Part(s): resin

Dilution: alcohol

Perfume: Base note

Note(s): sweet, reminiscent of caramel

Candles: candle safe

Our benzoin is diluted 80% and you can use it up to 1% in a mixture.

Keep tightly sealed in a cold, dark place

Coop Coco is a Canadian retail and wholesale supplier of Benzoin Essential Oil, a high quality essential oil that is steam distilled from Benzoin resin. It is then diluted with food-grade alcohol to ensure pourability.  Our bulk Benzoin Essential Oil is sourced from Indonesia, and has a warm, vanilla-like aroma.

All essential oils should be used only after being diluted in a carrier oil. Do not take internally unless under the direct supervision of a qualified practitioner. Be advised that some people are sensitive to Benzoin. Always perform a small patch test (with the diluted essential oil) before using on skin, to check for compatibility. We strongly advise caution when using essential oils around children and pregnant women.

Our benzoin is diluted for it to be pourable, you can use it up to 1% in a mixture.
There is no addition of DPG (Dipropylene Glycol).