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Club Coco



Club Coco allows you to save on every purchase.
Subscription to the club is valid for 12 consecutive months after purchasing the membership and is valid for purchases in our store and on our website.


Our Club Coco membership types...

Savings: 5% off our Coop Coco branded products

Price: $12.39

Benefits: for those who spend 21$ per month or 250$ + per year

Savings: 8% off our Coop Coco branded products and workshops

Price: $28.49

Benefits: for those who spend 30$ per month or 350$ + per year

Savings: 20% off our Coop Coco branded products 8% off our workshops 

Price: $129.19

Benefits: for those who spend 55$ per month or 650$ + per year



  • The discount is available for the cardholder only.
  • The order delivery address must match the cardholder's address.
  • The card remains the property of Coop Coco & Calendula and we reserve the right to cancel the card and its privileges in the case of misuse.