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  • Vitamine E
  • watermelon soap
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Grapefruit seed extract (GSE)

Tin, metal 15ml

White styrene push up deodorant tubes

Lavender, Organic flowers

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Exfoliant gels
Exfoliating gels:

Take care of your skin gently with these homemade exfoliants, formulated from gelatine. With these three different versions, there is something for everyone!


All purpose cleaner
All-purpose cleaner:

When we say April we say spring cleaning! Help yourself... make the "Kinétoitou" multipurpose cleaner. You can use it on all surfaces, or just about... Ready to clean ?!


Truffle bath melts

Truffle bath melts:

Winter may be over, but the period of good hot baths does not stop there! So, enjoy a moment of relaxation with a truffle bath melt ... It will make you skin silky and delicately scented !!